Oil is needed to keep the engine in your vehicle running smoothly. Without it, the engine will rub with other components and trouble brews almost immediately. However, engine oil must be changed on a regular basis. As it wears, the oil breaks down, causing sludge buildup that interferes with the performance of the vehicle and possible vehicle breakdown. The best way to reduce trouble is to schedule regular oil changes for your vehicle at the local auto repair shop Gresham to reduce those worries.

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The frequency of the oil change is different from one vehicle model to another, but most have a pretty standard schedule that requires oil changes every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Find out when it is best to change the oil in your vehicle by referring to your owner’s manual. Follow this schedule because it prevents problems and the expense that you’ll endure to make the repairs.  Oil changes are not only one of the most frequently needed automobile services that drivers endure, but one of the most important.  This simple service prolongs the life expectancy of the vehicle and offers a plethora of additional advantages.

You can change the oil in your automobile yourself or you can schedule service at the repair shop. Although oil changes are easy to handle yourself, most people choose to schedule service with the professionals because the costs are about the same, but the experts have the time and expertise to change the oil the right way. Plus, they can easily dispose of the oil and oil filter, which some people find problematic when they change their own oil. However you choose to change the oil, make sure this service is one that you have performed as recommended and keep your vehicle running in optimal performance.